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Custom Themed Projects

Our designers can create anything imaginable for you. We produce high-quality work paying attention to all the little details. After all, creativity is redefined here at Xtreme Foamworx!

Do you have a space that you want to theme out? We have you covered. We can create large 3D props and themes that will make any boring space into an exciting, eye-catching attraction. Let us work with you in designing a 3D themed environment that will “WOW” your clients.  We can create an environment that will captivate your audience and bring your project to life!

Evermore Park
Evermore Pumpkins project

Some examples:

  • Dental/Medical Offices

  • Commercial Kid/Play Areas

  • Organizational Camps

  • Theme Parks

  • Miniature Golf Courses

  • Escape Rooms

  • Retail Stores

Get Air Custom themed Climbing Walls
  • Restaurants/Bars

  • Theme Attractions

  • Family Entertainment/Adventure Center

  • Business Offices

  • Personal Themed Room/Play area in home

Evermore FanX Booth

Making use of the latest technology and traditional arts, we specialize in the creation of detailed three-dimensional themed environments.

The Living Planet Aquirium Star Nosed Mole
The Living Planet Aquirium Dust Mite Sculpture
The Living Planet Aquarium Tardigrade Sculpture

We work with a variety of hard finish coats to provide the right hard coat for your application.

Professional Craftsmen & Designers – We have a team of designers, artists, model-makers, painters, air-brushers, sculptors, carpenters, and welders to fabricate your project with the highest of quality and detail.

We use foam fabrication technologies such as CNC Cutting, Hot Wires, CNC Router, Hot Knifing, and Sculpting.

Finishes – There are many different finishes such as unpainted in natural white or painted in a standard or custom color.  

Project Size- No project is too large or too small.  If you can imagine it, we can create it.


Pricing – The cost is based on the volume of materials, type of materials, the time it takes to create the 3D design, production labor, and possible installation time and materials, as well as other specific elements unique to the project.  Each project is bid individually and the best way to determine cost is to contact us and let us bid your project. We provide quick turnaround on quotes so you can keep your project moving.


Social Media Effectiveness

With today’s social media, using large eye-popping props for customer photos ops and interaction will increase and spread your message and branding across all social media outlets.  

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

Fast (quotes)

We know you need pricing and bids quickly. We provide quick quotes to our customers.

Quality Product

Quality is our #1 goal! We want you to be happy with your prodcut from start to finish providing support and communication during the process of your project.

Exceptional Service 

We want you to have your product on time and with 100% satisfaction! From the time you place your order to shipment- we will make sure to provide Exceptional Service.

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