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Custom Foam Lettering/Signage

This is the only way to “stand out” and make a “BIG” statement!

Large letters and signs are ideal for making a bold emphasis on a brand, product, or message.  There are many uses for these types of oversized displays.  

At trade shows, these huge letters serve as a magnet to attract large crowds and to stand-out among other trade show booths.


Retail stores can use them for visual marketing and product branding- as many are looking to make their brand stand out!


Offices can use them to create a great impression to their clients and bring focus to their product.


Special events can use large letters to clearly identify the main focus of their product.  Various uses of large letters can immerse you right into the letters and increase your social media effectiveness.

With today’s fabrication technologies, simple letters can be turned into pieces of art with vibrant colors, and special painting techniques.  Combining structural elements with the letters can bring some interesting focus on the letters and the associated message. For example, building a set of large letters where people can take selfies with to market your business/Charitable cause through social media.  


When thinking of that giant attraction, large letters make it all happen.  We provide any size and any thickness you need to create that eye-catching message.

We work with a variety of hard finish coats to provide you options, if you are using them for 1 day or they will be permanently on display or reused over time. We can provide the right hard coat for your project.

Any style/size of font can be applied to the large letters- you bring us what you want and we will take it from there!

Tedx st george event
Trailblazers sports room

3D Signs

Our designers can create anything imaginable for you. We produce high-quality work paying attention to all the little details. The evidence shows in our creations.

Do you have a brand or logo that you want your customers to admire? We can help. We can create great 3D signs that will go viral on social media. Who wouldn’t want that kind of free marketing.  Let us work with you in designing a 3D Sign that will “WOW” your clients.

At Xtreme Foamworx we believe in companies that seek to reach their audiences and generate connection with their customers. As they generate their own brand experience and marketing.


Making use of the latest technology and traditional arts, we specialize in the creation of detailed three-dimensional models that guide our customers to make the best version of their brand.

Social Media Effectiveness

With today’s social media, using large eye-popping props for customer photos ops and interaction will increase and spread your message and branding across all social media outlets.  

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