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Custom 3D Foam Fabrication

Whether big or small, contemporary or organic, we can build a custom solution for your ideas and product. To help increase your social media marketing, branding and consumer interaction.

Evermore FanX Booth

Custom 3D Foam Fan X Booth for Evermore Park in SLC, UT.

Evermore Themed Pumpkin Project
Mad Hatter for Tuacahn

Theatrical Themed props for Tuacahn Center of the Arts in St. George, UT

Large scale Custom 3D Foam Pumpkin project done for Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, UT.

Pinkbox Donut

Custom 3D Pinkbox Donut created for Pinkbox Donuts in St. George, UT

Pumpkin Tree

30 ft tall Pumpkin Tree for a client in Texas for their Fall Festival.

Evermore Portal Pumpkins

Large scale Custom 3D Foam Pumpkin project done for Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, UT.

Our custom 3D Foam Fabrication is the most innovative way to brand your company and provide eye-catching visual marketing.


Custom themed props for St George Childrens Museum "Desert Room"

Under the Sea props and themed environment

Custom Themed 3D environment for a client in Texas for their Christmas light show

Our team of skilled craftsmen can create any custom foam sculpture or prop for your project. 

We specialize in creativity- with Xtreme Foamworx we can create your vision and ideas!

  • Events

  • Conferences

  • 3D Prop/Characters

  • Parades/Float Props

  • Parties/Decor

  • Family Entertainment Centers

  • Amusement Parks

  • Tradeshows

  • 3D Signs/Logos

  • Museums/Aquariums

  • Exhibits

  • Themed Environments

  • Branding

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Q&A's with Custom Foam Fabrication

What materials do you use to create custom 3D foam projects?

Choosing the correct fabrication medium: Most of our projects are created using foam. When working with foam, we typically use polystyrene foam, specifically EPS. Polystyrene foam comes in common densities ranging from 1 lb. to 3 lb. We will help design and figure out what material and fabrication method is needed for the scope of the project and your budget. 

How do you create the custom 3D project?

*We can take your napkin sketch ideas to reality or anywhere in between. You bring the idea, and we will create and redefine!

1. We can use most any major CAD or 3D file formats.  If you don’t have a file and need help in design, we can help create your idea with our 3D Modeling and CAD Drafting.

2. Using foam: We work in our 3D modeling and CAD software to create the design then we manipulate the model to use our CNC hot wire cutting machines to cut the parts out then put the parts together with a strong industrial adhesive. Depending on the design of the project, we will create a 3D model and manipulate it to be cut and routered out with our innovative CNC Router. Then we have our Sculptors use finer sculpting and sanding techniques with many different types of small hand tools for final finishes before hard coating.

3. Finish work: There are a lot of methods to finish off the project depending on a number of factors related to project requirements, such as final durability requirements, weather-proofing, mobility, interactive requirements, strength and painting. Typically, you need to seal the surface and apply protective coatings. These finishes may be combinations of painting, air-brushing, or other protective coatings. These can be polyurea, polyurethanes, appoxy, stucco and many others.

4. We will always welcome your ideas and preferences to make your Custom 3D project specific to your budget and needs. Just let the Xtreme Team know your preferences and we will be happy to facilitate that for your project. 

What is the turnaround time for a project?

This depends on the details of the project itself as well as the scale of the project. For custom projects we usually ask for 1 week from the time we take the order to when you will receive the model. Larger scale/complex projects will have an individual turnaround time specific to the project itself. Smaller projects will take less time and have a quicker turnaround time.  We know there are times when deadlines are tight and we can accommodate rush orders and provide a positive experience for our customers.

Where can you deliver?

We can deliver anywhere around the country. Xtreme Foamworx has provided customary service to customers around the world.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

Fast (quotes)

We know you need pricing and bids quickly. We provide quick quotes to our customers.

Quality Product

Quality is our #1 goal! We want you to be happy with your prodcut from start to finish providing support and communication during the process of your project.

Exceptional Service 

We want you to have your product on time and with 100% satisfaction! From the time you place your order to shipment- we will make sure to provide Exceptional Service.

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